Summer Leisure Travel during Coronavirus

Let's travel safely this summer.

We understand that lockdown has been difficult and now that the UK Government is advising us to enjoy summer safely, you may be starting to think about getting away for a few days.

If you're planning to use the train to get away this summer please read our latest Coronavirus Travel Information which will tell you what to expect at the station and on the train, what we are doing to keep you safe and how you can play your part.

Social distancing restrictions means that we still have limited space on board our trains. We're doing everything we can to increase the available space on some of our busier routes and services. Some of our most popular services may be busy so please check our Seat Finder tool and consider using a less popular train if possible.


Who doesn't like to feel the sand between their toes in the summer months? Skegness is understandably one of our most popular summer destinations, as such, our trains can sometimes reach capacity.

If you can, consider travelling at quieter times. We find our Skegness route is busiest on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. During the busiest days it will not always be possible to maintain distance between yourself and others. We may introduce a queuing system at some stations and in extreme cases, you may not be able to travel on your first choice train so please allow extra time to make your journey and consider aiming for one of the quieter trains below:

0550 Nottingham to Skegness (6 Coaches)
0819 Nottingham to Skegness (8 Coaches)
0943 Nottingham to Skegness (8 Coaches)
1245 Nottingham to Skegness (5 Coaches)

1015 Skegness to Nottingham (5 Coaches)
1140 Skegness to Nottingham (8 Coaches)
1235 Skegness to Nottingham (8 Coaches)
1509 Skegness to Nottingham (5 Coaches)
2015 Skegness to Nottingham (5 Coaches)

If you are travelling with us, please read the latest Coronavirus Travel Advice first. Remember to wear a face covering at all times when travelling with us.