The convenient way to carry train tickets

The EMR Smartcard makes travel quicker and easier by keeping all your train tickets securely in once place. You’ll no longer need to queue to collect tickets – just tap your Smartcard onto the reader at our ticket machines, platform validators or ticket gates.

Order your Smartcard

How it works

Buy your Season, Anytime or Off-Peak ticket online or through our app. Then select Smartcard in the ‘How to get your ticket’ section at the checkout. After two hours, you’ll be able to load your tickets onto your Smartcard by tapping it on a card reader at your chosen collection station. Alternatively use the EMR App on your smart phone to download your ticket in as little as 5 minutes.

If you’re at the station, you can buy tickets from the ticket office or ticket machines and load them straight onto your Smartcard.

Why get a Smartcard?

They’re tough

Smartcards are made of durable plastic, so won’t quickly wear away in your wallet or purse.

They’re easy to use

Travelling through a station with automatic ticket gates? Touch your Smartcard on the reader, and you’re good to go.

They’re flexible

When your schedule changes, your Smartcard can change with it. Just load it with your ticket of choice.​

Manage your Smartcard

Log into your online account to update your contact details, change your password, check your order history and more.

Don’t worry if you lose your Smartcard – we’ll protect your stored tickets and get you a new card as soon as possible. Get in touch to let us know on 03457 125 678.

Order a Smartcard​

Order your Smartcard online. It’ll arrive in the post within five working days.

You can buy tickets and load them onto the card as soon as you have it. You’ll still need a photocard for Season tickets - just take a passport size photograph of yourself to any staffed station to get a photocard.

Order your Smartcard

Existing Smartcard holders

If you have an East Midland Trains Smartcard you'll need to register to use it with EMR. If you have an EMR smartcard issued at one of our stations you will need to register for an account to use it on the app or website.

Log into your online account , and go to My Account >> Manage Smartcards​.

A smartcard is a credit card sized plastic card which can be used to store season, anytime and off-peak tickets.

Once you have purchased your ticket and chosen smartcard as the delivery option you will need to download the ticket onto the card. Downloading the ticket can been done in several different ways. When you have downloaded your ticket, you are ready to travel using your smartcard to tap through the gates and show the on-train team.

A smartcard ticket can be download using the EMR app(hyper link) or at the station of your choice, using a platform validator, gateline, ticket machine or booking office.

A smartcard can hold up to 5 tickets, once a ticket has expired you will be able to add another ticket onto the card.

Each individual would have to have their own smartcard to travel. These can’t be shared between multiple passengers.

If you lose your smartcard, you can order a replacement through your smartcard account(hyperlink) or contact our customer relations team on 03457 125 678.

No, smartcards are free to order and load your ticket on to.

Yes, changes to your journey or a refund request can be submitted through your EMR account.

Yes, you are entitled to Delay Repay for smartcard tickets for journeys delayed over 15 minutes. Make a “delay repay claim” and add the 18-digit number from the back of your smartcard. We will be able to validate your tickets.

Yes, you can use your railcard as you would with the equivalent paper ticket.

Yes, if they’re available you’ll be offered the chance to reserve a seat when you buy your ticket. These will be shown on your confirmation email.

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your ticket.

Yes, you can purchase tickets at the station and have them loaded straight onto your smartcard. This can be done at the booking office or the ticket vending machine.