Train status alerts

Get real-time updates on your train​

Sometimes the unexpected can happen, causing changes to train journeys on certain routes. You can’t plan ahead for this, but we will always keep you informed of any disruption on our network.

If more than one train on any of our routes is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we’ll update the route status in the header to let you know what impact this will have and the best way to get to where you need to be.

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Get personalised alerts from National Rail Enquiries by text, email and Twitter direct message. Tell us which trains you plan to catch, whether it’s your regular commute or a one-off trip, and we’ll let you know if your train is delayed or cancelled.

Texts cost 25p for each alert, emails and Twitter alerts are free. You can’t sign up from your mobile yet.

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Plus, get a snapshot of any disruption around the network from our route status on the home screen

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