EMR loves London

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The best places in London, according to those who live there.

There’s no denying that there are tons of places to visit across the EMR network. To celebrate the diverse and interesting places along our route, we turned to the people that know these places best - our customers. After polling over 1,000 of you, we managed to decipher some of the best things to do, places to see and foods to eat, based on your recommendations alone.

London is certainly no secret to much of the world, but there are huge parts of the city which aren’t on the traditional tourist trail, but are very much worth a visit. When it came down to your favourite areas to visit, Soho was top of the list. In Soho there are a plethora of pop-up shops and restaurants and with Soho's ever-changing nature, it makes for an intriguing place to visit.

EMR loves London


Q. Describe this city in three words

A. Cosmopolitan, Lively, Diverse

Bloomsbury was another area which was highly recommended. A little more off the beaten track, there are small parks and gardens around the Russell Square area, and its many bookshops will make you feel as though you’ve landed right on the set of your favourite rom-com.

When it comes to things to do in London, this answer in particular resonated with us:

“Choose your own adventure: whatever you’re passionate about you can find it here! From the city to the outskirts there’s a location for you.”

With that said, if sampling London’s beverages is your thing, the Crown and Anchor in Brixton was mentioned a number of times, thanks to its great range of beers. One respondent recommended the area of Rotherhithe - an evolving area of former docks which is now home to a number of riverside pubs. For what is (apparently) the best panettone in town, head to the Little Bread Pedlar , or take a visit to Chinatown to enjoy the independent eateries.

Emirates Air Line

If you’re looking for an activity to try, the Emirates Air Line cable car across the Thames was highly recommended. The cable car crosses the River Thames between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, and takes 10 minutes each way. After 7pm each day, flights are extended so you can enjoy an even more relaxing trip across the Thames.

If heights aren’t your thing, enjoy the views of London from the water. Jump on a Thames Clipper and cruise along at a leisurely pace while you see the sights from the river.

Sky Garden

Visit London’s highest public garden with a visit to the Sky Garden . Enjoy live music, dinner or even a yoga session from the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie building which offers panoramic views over London from their foliage-filled atrium.

Events in London occur on a daily basis, but Notting Hill Carnival was the highest rated event according to our respondents, closely followed by the Lord Mayor’s Show . The Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace is an absolute must-see, and takes place multiple times a week.

Rainy day idea: Spend a few hours in the V&A or The British Library before embarking on a tour of the Houses of Parliament . If you fancy heading out a little bit further, Visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Prime Meridian of the world and London’s Planetarium.

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