Railcards and discount cards

Save money on travel with a Railcard

If you’d like cheaper train tickets, check to see if you could save with a railcard. Easy to buy and simpler than ever to use, rail discount cards give you up to a third off train journeys across the UK.

  • Save up to a third on train travel
  • Convenient Digital Railcard via the Railcard app
  • There’s a wide range of railcards available

If you frequently travel by train, purchasing a rail card can be a wise investment that can help you save money and improve your overall travel experience. Discover more about railcards, as well as the application process, below.

Railcard Offers and Benefits

What is a Digital Railcard?

EMR Rail Discount Cards Available

How to Apply for a Digital Railcard

How to use a Railcard

Railcard Offers and Benefits

Save a third on train ticket costs today

Save on average 33% off the cost of your journey, using the railcard discount when booking your train tickets.

Keep your railcards and tickets safely together

With the introduction of Digital Railcards, you’re able to store your discount cards with your tickets on your mobile device. Meaning one less thing to remember when you're planning your trip.

There's a wide range of railcards available

Whether you're travelling with a group of friends, taking the kids out on the train or if you fall under a specific age group, there's a wide range of railcards available. See further detail on the different railcards on offer below.

What is a Digital Railcard?

Digital Railcards can now be stored on your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need to carry a physical card with you. You can save your digital Railcard on multiple devices, and there's no limit to the number of devices you can use. Additionally, digital Railcards can be used more quickly than paper Railcards as they don't require being sent in the post.

  • All in one place, hassle-free train travel
  • Instant access to your Digital railcard discounts!
  • There are no device limits to access your Digital Railcard

EMR Rail Discount Cards Available

If you frequently travel by train with your family, partner, or friends, or if you belong to a specific age group or region, there is a Railcard discount available for you. We have made it simple for you to select the appropriate rail discount card that suits your requirements and start saving money today. You can find out more about each option and how to apply for a railcard by clicking on the relevant link below.

Railcards by Age

16-17 Saver Railcard

Our 16-17 Saver Railcard is designed for 16-17 year olds and offers a generous discount of 50% on rail travel. This railcard makes it easier and more affordable for you to travel to school, college, and work, even before 9:30am!

Find out more about 16-17 Saver Railcard

16-25 Railcard

Did you know that you can enjoy discounted travel with the 16-25 Railcard, which is available either digitally or physically? With this discount card, you can save one third on rail fares across Britain, which includes Advance and First Class Advance tickets. Additionally, it provides you with access to great discounts on holidays, dining out, theatre tickets and more. You can buy a 16-25 Railcard that is valid for three years, and you can do so up until the day before your 24th birthday.

Find out more about 16-25 Railcard

26-30 Railcard

Enjoy train travel for less with the 26-30 Railcard - also known as a millennial Railcard. This rail discount card is available to anyone who is aged 25-30 or a mature student in full-time education aged 26 or over, subject to eligibility. Plus, it lets you save a third on rail travel across Britain, which is ideal whether you frequently catch the train or want to start leaving your car at home more often.

Find out more about the 26-30 Railcard

Senior Railcard

Our Senior Railcard (over 60 railcard) is designed for those who are 60 years old or above and costs only £30. This card entitles you to receive a one-third discount on train journeys and allows you to enjoy amazing discounts on hotels, museums, theatre tickets, and much more. You can use this card without any restrictions on time or frequency, and it is applicable for both Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance tickets.

Find out more about the Senior Railcard

Railcards by Groups

Family & Friends Railcard

The Family & Friends Railcard offers an affordable way to enjoy days out with your loved ones, helping you create memorable experiences without breaking the bank. This discount railcard is designed for groups of up to four adults, allowing them to save one-third of the ticket price, as well as 60% off for up to four children. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on various attractions and holidays.

Find out more about the Family & Friends Railcard

Two Together Railcard

If you are traveling with a companion, be it your colleague, friend, or partner, the Two Together Railcard can be the perfect choice for you. With our Two Together Railcard discount, you can save a third on your ticket cost, as well as avail of exclusive discounts.

Find out more about the Two Together Railcard

Other Railcards

Disabled Persons Railcard

If you have a disability, you and a companion can enjoy discounted train travel across the UK with the Disabled Persons Railcard. You can save 33% on adult fares and enjoy unlimited journeys at any time.

Find out more about the Disabled Persons Railcard

Veterans Railcard

Those who have served at least one day in the UK Armed Forces or Merchant Navy on defined military operations can get a Veterans Railcard. The Railcard holder is eligible for a 34% discount on train fares. Additionally, a companion traveling with the card holder will also receive a 34% discount, provided they travel together. However, the companion cannot travel alone. Up to four children can travel with the card holder and receive a 60% discount on their fare.

Find out more about the Veterans Railcard

How to Apply for a Digital Railcard

Buy a Digital Railcard online through the Railcard website .

For a seamless travel experience, download the Railcard app from National Rail and when you purchase your Digital Railcard online, you will be sent a download code that will need to be used on the app. Once you’ve downloaded your Railcard onto the app, you can use it straight away.

Purchase your Digital Railcard today and save up to 1/3 off eligible journeys for a whole year.

How to use a Railcard

When you buy a discounted train ticket using your Railcard, make sure to keep your Railcard with you when you travel. You'll need to present it during your journey. If you forget your physical Railcard, you'll need to purchase a new ticket. However, if you have a Digital Railcard and your phone runs out of battery or gets lost, don't worry. You can transfer your Railcard to another mobile device. To access your Digital Railcard, simply download the Railcard app from National Rail and log in.

Other Railcard FAQs

Most Railcards cost just £30 for one year. The Disabled Persons Railcard is the only exception, which costs only £20 for a single year.

There is a three year option at a cost of £70 for the 16-25, Senior and Family & Friends Railcards. This is a further saving of £20 when compared to buying three individual Railcards.

The Disabled Persons Railcard costs just £54 for three years which is a further saving of £6 when compared with buying three individual cards.

Depending on factors such as your age and who you normally travel with will determine which Railcard you are eligible for. There are other specific requirements for each type of Railcard. For more information, please visit the dedicated page for each Railcard.

Yes. You need to bring a completed Railcard application form to the station with you along with a photo of yourself. You can download the relevant forms on the Railcards website.

Yes. If you’ve already purchased your Railcard, you can use this to buy train tickets online. When using our Journey Planner, simply select the correct Railcard type from the dropdown list and the discount will automatically be added to your booking.

Yes. You can use your Railcard to purchase a train ticket from onboard staff but only if the station machines were broken or the departure station had no ticketing services.

Once you’ve purchased a digital Railcard, you will be sent a download code that needs to be used on the Railcard app from National Rail. After using the download code via the app, you will be able to use your new Railcard immediately.

You are able to renew your digital Railcard within 30 days of it’s expiry date. Simply login to your Railcard account, click on the ‘Renew’ button, ensure all your details are up to date and make the payment.

If you didn’t buy your Railcard online, you can still complete the renewal online. You will first need to create a Railcard account in order to make the purchase but we recommend waiting until your station-bought Railcard has expired.

Yes, you can still travel but you will have to pay the full rail fare if you don’t have your Railcard with you. As soon as you realise that your Railcard is lost, the best thing to do is order a replacement straight away.

Most Railcards can be used during Peak times to some extent. However, for each type of Railcard, the minimum fares, area restrictions and times may differ.

No, you can’t use your Railcard to get a discount on a Season ticket. You will already be saving money on rail travel with this type of ticket.