EMR loves Nottingham

Thursday, 21 April 2022

The best places in Nottingham, according to those who live there.

There’s no denying that there are tons of places to visit across the EMR network. To celebrate the diverse and interesting places along our route, we turned to the people that know these places best - our customers. After polling over 1,000 of you, we managed to decipher some of the best things to do, places to see and foods to eat, based on your recommendations alone.

“Ayup me duck” is more than likely the phrase that you’ll be met with when you step off the train at Nottingham. Its friendly people are one of the draws of the city, matched with its diverse nightlife and extensive list of places to visit.

EMR loves Nottingham


Q. Describe this city in three words

A. Diverse, Vibrant, Buzzing

Well-known as the birthplace of Robin Hood, Nottingham can also take accountability for football manager Brian Clough, fashion designer Paul Smith and actor Vicky McClure. Its history spans far and wide, and Nottingham Castle was cited as one of the best places to visit to learn more. The City of Caves were equally as popular, and invites visitors to go underground and see what lies underneath the city. Nottingham has the UK’s largest network of caves, and over 800 are hidden beneath its streets.

Wollaton Hall & Park

Carrying on with the historical theme, the Galleries of Justice are a popular way to spend a few hours, and Green’s Windmill and Science Centre is a great day out, too! Nottingham is surrounded by green space, and Wollaton Park is one of the most popular attractions in the region. Enjoy the ground and spot the wild deer, or head to the hall and explore one of its many changing exhibitions.

“​​Nottingham has a chain of historic green spaces carved out in the 19th century, and threading throughout the city, including the Forest Recreation Ground, Robin Hood Chase, and the Arboretum, and the incomparable St Ann's Allotments.”

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

23% of respondents to the questionnaire said that Hockley was their favourite part of the city, and mentioned the Broadway Cinema , Rough Trade Records , and the many places to eat as its drawing point. Equally, Hockley Arts Club was cited as one of the best places to grab a drink, as well as Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and Coco Tang .

If you’re looking for an activity in Nottingham, a daytime cruise on the River Trent came in highly recommended. These cruises are year-round, thanks to the centrally heated vessels, and allow passengers to enjoy a relaxing cruise as they take in the sights of the city. All cruises have a full catering service, too - so you can even grab a bite to eat onboard.

Rainy day idea: Head to a bar in the Lace Market, such as the Cock and Hoop , visit the New Art Exchange to take in some culture, or spend some time (and pennies!) in the Flying Horse Arcade .

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