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Find the cheapest train ticket for your journey​

Below we have outlined the best ways you can save money on your train tickets . We're committed to delivering great service at an affordable price, we have used our expertise to compile a list of money-saving tactics and have learned about different train ticket types and compared journey times to find the cheapest fare for you.

As well as our own routes you can also book your tickets and save money with EMR on all other routes across the country.

Not sure which ticket type is best for you? Choose the right train ticket with the help our guide.

How to Buy Cheap Train Tickets Today

Below we have outlined 3 simple steps to help you save money on your train journey today;

  1. Easily search for your journey using our journey planner, including your departure and destination stations.
  2. Select the date and time of your journey, booking tickets in advance can save you even more money on your trip.
  3. Apply your railcard to save even more money, if you don't have a railcard it is worth finding out if you're eligible for a railcard here.

Save more money on train travel

There are lots of ways to save money on your train ticket booking.


As covered above if you have a Railcard you can save up to 1/3 on your journey. If you don't currently have a Railcard, you can discover the benefits of a Railcard and your eligibility on our dedicated Railcards page.


Peak Times

Traveling off-peak where possible is an excellent way to save money on your train fares. Peak times tend to be before 10 am and between 4-6pm when we see a surge in commuter traffic on our services.

Off-Peak Travel

Group Train

Groups traveling with East Midlands Railway can save money and find cheap train tickets by booking one of our group tickets. For more information on our group tickets please visit our dedicated group ticket page.

Group Tickets

Season Ticket

Regular traveler? You can save money with one of our season tickets. Weekly, monthly, annual and custom length season tickets are the perfect way to save money on a journey you regularly take. Alternatively, try Flexi Seasons for even more flexibility.

Season Tickets

Book in

If you're planning a train journey before the day of travel, booking advance train tickets is a great way you can save money. Advance fare discounts are automatically applied. Visit our journey planner to book your tickets up to 12 weeks in advance and save.

Advance Tickets

Business Travel

Work for a business who’s employees regularly travel by train? You could save by registering for a free business account. Our business ticket options are designed to make travel as easy and cost-effective as possible through our dedicated platform.

Business Travel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can save money by booking train tickets up to 12 weeks before the date of your journey.

You can save up to 60% off your ticket price by booking your train tickets in advance.

Yes. You can book journeys and save money on rail fares across the entire rail network through the EMR website.

A Railway smart card is an alternative to traditional disposable paper tickets. Similar to a debit or credit card your Railway Smartcard allows you to store information such as your season ticket and then easily top the smart card up again when it is time to renew. Find out more here and order your free Smartcard here .