EMR Messenger

Personalised Journey Assistant for East Midlands Railway services

Do you want personal information to guide you through your journey or provide updates on regular journeys you make? Are you not sure how to get from A to B?

Our handy messaging and journey planning service will provide all the information you need about your journey with us. From personalised journey updates to details of real-time alerts to let you know if there is disruption and alternative routes you could take. All of this is delivered via our Messenger and WhatsApp channels.

We can also let you know:

  • Journey planning and routing around disruption
  • Real-time information about platform changes
  • Information on how busy the station may be
  • Delay Repay information and how to claim

With EMR Messenger you can also view:

  • Real-time onward journey information (including bus, scooters, taxi, walking and cycling options) to assist to get you where you need to be
  • Interchange details
  • Customer service support

EMR Messenger


How do I receive my EMR Personal Journey Assistant updates?

We will send notifications through Facebook messenger and you can register for alerts by clicking on the ‘Keep me updated’ button below.

Keep me updated