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View, download and print PDF timetables at the bottom of the page for each of our Intercity and regional routes.

The timetables available below are the base timetables from December 2020 to May 2021 however the impact of the Coronavirus is likely to impact our ability to run these timetables from time to time. In such instances, we shall keep you updated by updating the "Timetables" Section of our Coronavirus Travel Information Page.

Current changes which are not reflected in the PDF timetables below:
With the reintroduction of lockdown, EMR , together with other train companies have worked with government to plan reduced timetables, focussing on morning and evening peak travel times so that key workers can get to where they’re needed and have the space to maintain social distancing. Building on the previous reduced timetable from March 2020, further work has been undertaken to ensure services used by key workers are retained.

EMR will be introducing an amended timetable on some routes as follows:
- Intercity Route. Minor alterations (Monday -Friday) and some Saturday reductions from Monday 18th January
- Regional Routes. Service reductions from Monday 25th January

The change will mean a reliable service for passengers as frontline rail staff, like other key workers, may be affected by the virus. This will help to protect against unplanned and short notice cancellations which we know are frustrating.

If after purchasing your ticket, a service you booked to travel on isn't running in our Coronavirus Timetables, you can use your ticket on an earlier or later service. Alternatively, if you choose not to travel because of the timetable change, you may apply for a refund on your ticket. Refunds can be requested from your place of purchase.
If you bought your ticket through the EMR App or Website, call 03457 125678 (Option 2 then 1, 0800-2000 daily) or email: [email protected] providing your full journey details and booking reference.

For details of these changes visit the "Timetables" Section of our Coronavirus Travel Information Page.

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Social Distancing on Board

We're analysing customer travel patterns and continue to keep our Seat Finder Tool updated with the latest data. You can use the tool to quickly check how busy your train is likely to be based on recent averages. We request that you try to travel at quieter times where possible.

Use our seat finder tool

In addition to checking for quieter trains in advance of travelling we will also keep you updated on the day. We're monitoring social distancing closely at all times and in the event of a train or station being reported as reaching optimum social distancing capacity we'll let you know in real time via our Rainbow Boards as well as the Plan & Buy journey planner on the EMR app.

If the train you are planning to use is running at optimum capacity, please consider using an alternative service.

Check Live Train Information

The timetables below are currently superseded by short term COVID-19 timetables. Visit our COVID-19 page for the latest timetable information.