How to get your train ticket

If you must travel, please use Smart Ticketing.

What is Smart Ticketing?

Smart tickets are a great way to make train travel more convenient. A smart ticket is a rail ticket that can be loaded onto smartcards, mobile phones in the form of a mobile ticket, accessed via e-mail or printed at home. This way you can buy your ticket in a way that best meets your needs and travel requirements.

Benefits of Smart Tickets


Don't run the risk of losing a ticket again. Smart tickets are replaceable and stored safely and digitally.


Smart tickets are easier to manage online, from purchasing, changing and using. Smart tickets can be managed within your EMR account via the app and online.

Easy to access

Find your tickets easily within our App, your email inbox, or simply load onto your EMR Smartcard. No fuss, no hassle.

Environmentally friendly

By reducing the usage of paper tickets, we can help reduce the impact on the wider environment, making them a greener solution.

Time saving

Skip the queues at ticket offices and ticket collection machines. Simply access your smart ticket via the app, email or through your Smartcard. Just scan your barcode at the ticket barriers and enjoy your journey.

Ticket formats to suit you

Whether you’d like a PDF ticket sent to your email, or a ticket you can download straight to your mobile, we have an option that suits. You can even upload tickets straight to your Smartcard. Remember.

Weigh up your paperless ticket choices here.