The quicker and easier way to buy and renew your season tickets on the go

The new s-tickets make travel quicker and easier, saving you time on your commute. You can now buy and renew your weekly and monthly season tickets directly in the EMR app, with tickets available to use instantly after purchase.

How it works

With s-tickets, they are available on all EMR routes, and you will no longer need a paper ticket and photocard.

  • Simply download the EMR app
  • Create an account with EMR
  • Upload a photo directly and purchase your weekly or monthly season tickets.
  • Your season tickets barcode will be available instantly through the EMR app after purchase.
  • Download your ticket on your first trip and each other trip with barcodes being valid for 3 hours.

Download the EMR app (on Apple and Android )

Why get s-tickets?

They’re quicker

You can use your s-tickets in a matter of minutes. You won’t need to wait to top up, queue at a station or wait for it to arrive in the post.

They’re easy to use

Everything will be available in your EMR app. You will no longer need to carry a paper ticket and photo card and will be able to use them instantly.

Find out more about season tickets.


A s-ticket is a new collection option available on weekly and monthly season tickets. You can purchase s-tickets in the EMR app and use them instantly.

Download the EMR app (on Apple and Android )

The s-ticket differs to a Smartcard or paper ticket as it appears instantly in the EMR app after purchase, making it quicker and easier to buy travel for your commute. You will no longer have to wait for your top up, queue at a station or wait for it to arrive in the post.

There is no difference in the price regardless of the fulfillment method, whether that’s a digital, Smartcard or paper.

Buying and collecting s-tickets

You can purchase a s-ticket through the EMR app or via our website.

Once within the app, select ‘Flexi & Seasons’ and input origin, destination, date/time of search and the relevant number of travellers. When proceeding to purchase, you will be asked how you want to collect the ticket and be presented with the option ‘barcode’.

  • IOS smartphone version 13.4 or later
  • Android smartphone version 5.0 or later

Yes, but it will now be digital. When buying your first s-ticket you will be asked to upload or take a passport-style photo. This will be stored within your app and used alongside your tickets. We reserve the right to request alternative identification when challenged (i.e. driving license).

Tickets are stored within the EMR app. You must have an online account with EMR and download the EMR app to have access to your tickets. You must download the ticket on your first trip.

Download the EMR app (on Apple and Android )

Travelling with a s-ticket

To display your s-ticket, go into the EMR app and select the Season ticket in the ‘Mytickets’ wallet area. You must download the ticket on your first trip and for each subsequent trip. The app then generates a barcode coupon which is valid for 3 hours.

Yes, internet connection is required to download your s-tickets prior to your first journey. Following this, if a refreshed coupon is required at any stage (for example to enter/exit gates or for inspection purposes), a back-up coupon stored locally will be available if a poor connection is experienced. The back-up coupon is valid for a single journey on a given day. If further journey(s) are required after the use of the back-up coupon, a connection will be required to obtain the next season coupon.

The season ticket left at home rules apply when you are unable to download your ticket and you should purchase a new ticket for travel that day. The usual season ticket refund policy applies, which can be viewed here .

If you are having issues with the EMR app, we recommend deleting and re-installing the app and turning your phone off and on again.

If you are still experiencing problems with your ticket, contact our Web Support team on 03457 125 678 (7-days a week: 8am - 8pm). Or call our Customer Service Centre on 03457 125 678, we're here 24/7.

Yes, you are entitled to claim delay repay when your journey has been affected. Find out more about delay repay.

Terms and conditions of the sale of season tickets remain the same regardless of the fulfillment method.