Refund your ticket

What to do if you decide not to travel

If your plans change and you don't use your train tickets, you can get a refund in most cases. There's a £10 admin fee for changes or refunds.

If you've got a mobile ticket and have already activated it, you can't claim a refund on that journey. Advance tickets are non-refundable, unless your train has been delayed or cancelled.

If your train is delayed or cancelled before you start your journey, or your seat reservation isn’t available, you may choose not to travel. We'll give you a full refund on your unused tickets and there's no admin fee. We'll also give you a full refund if your train journey is delayed or cancelled part way through and you decide to return to your original station instead.

If you want to amend the date or time of your journey, find out more about changing your ticket here.

How to apply for a refund

In most cases you need to claim a refund within 28 days of the date on your ticket. Check details for your ticket type here. Return your unused ticket to the place you bought it from.

  • Ticket office or ticket machine: return your ticket to any​ EMR station ticket office
  • Our website or app: Log into your online account and follow the instructions ​on the 'My account' screen. You'll also find refund instructions in your ticket booking confirmation email. If you've already collected paper tickets, you'll need to post these back to us too
  • Telephone booking team: post your ticket back to us (EMR Refunds, PO Box 23972, Edinburgh, EH3 5DA) with a covering letter outlining your journey
  • Smartcards: log into your online account and follow the instructions
  • Other train operating companies: if you bought your ticket from another train operating company or retailer, contact them directly

If you're posting tickets to us, we recommend sending them via Recorded Delivery to ensure they arrive safely.

Advance tickets

You can only apply for a refund on Advance tickets if your train is delayed or cancelled and you decide not to travel or have to abandon your journey.

If you bought your tickets at a station, return them to the relevant station ticket office. It's not possible to claim a refund online, instead call us on 03457 125 678 or email [email protected] Please include details of why you were unable to travel.

Season ticket refunds

You'll need to buy a new ticket for your journey before you travel. You can claim a refund for the extra ticket twice within a 12-month period, but we will charge a £10 admin fee the second time. Apply for a refund at the ticket office where you bought your Season ticket (you'll need to bring your Season ticket, photocard, and the replacement tickets).

We can issue duplicate monthly or longer Season tickets at the ticket office where you bought your original ticket. We need to make sure your lost Season ticket isn't used fraudulently so may ask you a few questions when you request a new one.

If you don't need your Season ticket anymore, you may be able to get a refund on the unused portion. Return it to place you bought it from. Log into your online account and follow the instructions on the 'My account' screen if you bought your ticket online or have a Smartcard Season ticket.

Because Season tickets offer significant savings, you may only receive a small refund or nothing at all. For example, an Annual Season ticket gives you 52 weeks of travel for the price of 40 – so it has no refund value after the 40th week. To claim a refund there must be:

  • Weekly Season: at least three days remaining
  • Monthly or longer: at least seven days remaining
  • Annual Season: at least 12 weeks remaining

If you're unable to travel for more than four weeks due to illness, you can apply for a partial refund of the unused portion of your Season ticket. Refunds are made at our discretion and we may ask you for a medical certificate.

Read full details of your rights and how we handle Season ticket refunds in the National Rail Conditions of Travel

Contact us

If you have any questions about claiming a refund or making changes to your ticket, please contact us:

  • Call our Customer Service Centre on 03457 125 678, we're here 24/7
  • Our social media team is online 24 hours a day, tweet us at @eastmidrailway
  • Email [email protected]