Our price promise

The cheapest fare, guaranteed​

We aim to offer you the best value at all times. So, if you buy from us and then find your EMR Season, Anytime or Off-Peak ticket cheaper elsewhere, you can claim a refund of the price difference.

Check if you’re eligible

The lower fare must be for exactly the same journey, date, time and ticket type, with the same terms and conditions. It should also be available to everyone, and not the result of a voucher, loyalty reward, travel package, group discount or a price offered to a specific group.​

We must be able to verify your claim, including tickets, receipts and any evidence you submit (such as screenshots from other websites).

How to claim

If you think you may be eligible for a refund, you must submit a claim within 30 days of buying your ticket.

  • Email us at: [email protected]
  • Or write to us at: EMR Customer Service Centre, Locomotive House, Locomotive Way, Derby, DE24 8PU.

You must include:

  • Your original ticket, or a legible copy
    If the quality of the copy isn’t high enough, we may request the original ticket
  • Your booking reference (if applicable)
  • A printed screenshot of the lower fare website at payment stage. It should show the price, class, number of passengers, any railcards used, date and time, starting station and destination. The lower fare shown must be for travel on the same day as your current EMR booking
  • Your contact address and phone number​

Price Promise doesn't apply

  • To ticket types other than Season, Anytime and Off-Peak tickets - such as Advance tickets
  • If we can’t confirm, using reasonable means, that the lower fare is available
  • To subsequent changes after your first booking was made
  • If you’ve already applied for a full refund or cancelled your booking before making a Price Promise claim - our usual terms for cancellations and refunds apply
  • If the lower fare is for a travel package with an inclusive train fare
  • If the lower fare is caused by an error on the other retailer’s part​
  • If the lower fare includes discounts not available to the general public - including, but not limited to:
    • Corporate discount fares
    • Staff fares
    • Closed user group fares
    • Fares where the operator details are not known until after the purchase
  • If the lower online fare is discounted by use of coupons, vouchers, loyalty rewards or similar, or other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost
  • If the lower fare is a multi-passenger or group fare

Terms and conditions

  • The EMR Price Promise only applies to EMR rail fares sold through EMR retail channels
  • The EMR Price Promise only applies to Seasons, Anytime and Off-Peak fares set by EMR
  • The EMR Price Promise does not apply to:
    • Advance fares which are valid only on specific services
    • Temporary or promotional fares that may be offered from time to time
    • Package fares that include rail plus an add on for an attraction/event
    • Smart ticket only fares versus non-smart fares
    • Free travel
  • Comparison fares must be available to the general public and cannot be offered to a specific group or as part of a group discount
  • Comparison fares must be "like for like" and have the same terms and conditions (eg not comparing combinations of tickets which have different validities or different time restrictions)
  • Customers wishing to claim a Price Promise refund must submit tickets and details of the comparison fares via email or post to our Customer Service Centre within 30 days of purchase
  • Copies of tickets purchased may be accepted as long as the copies are fully legible, and original tickets may be subsequently requested if the quality of the copy is not of a suitable level
  • All claims, including receipts and tickets, are subject to verification by our customer service team
  • Any evidence submitted as part of a claim (eg screenshots from other websites) will be independently confirmed by our team and we will not verify any request that we believe is made fraudulently or in bad faith
  • Price Promise refunds will be paid within 30 days of confirmation of a successful claim
  • EMR is not responsible for any Price Promise refund submissions that are not received or are delayed in transmission beyond EMR’s reasonable control
  • To be eligible for a Price Promise refund, you must supply sufficient evidence of the lower fare using a screen shot of the lower fare website at payment stage (showing the price, class, number of passengers, class, railcards, date and time, origin and destination) and such evidence must show that the lower fare found was for travel on the same day as your booking with EMR
  • For lower fares found at other retailers, a printed quote or itinerary from the retailer is
    required as supporting evidence for your claim