Standard Class

What to expect on-board​

Our Standard Class travel includes all the services needed for a comfortable, pleasant journey. Here’s what’s included:

  • Plug sockets for laptops and mobiles (on Meridian trains to and from London)
  • Seat reservations on services to and from London
  • Free WiFi (on all intercity services to and from London St Pancras)
  • Comfy seats, with tables or tray tables
  • Space for luggage
  • CCTV on all services
  • Friendly on-board staff
  • Space for bikes (where space allows and at the discretion of the on-board staff)
  • Toilets, including accessible facilities

For cheaper tickets and a choice of quieter trains, travel off-peak . On our longer distance routes, you could save even more if you buy in advance .

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Our Standard Class catering offer is only provided on a selected number of trains each day, unfortunately, a trolley service may not be available when you travel. Our trolley service is card only payments.

Find out more about food and drink on board

Plugging in your device

You are welcome to use the on-board plug sockets to charge your phone or laptop if they are available on your train. Meridian trains on our London route have one plug socket available for each pair of seats.

First Class upgrades with Seatfrog

Whether you’re travelling for business or for leisure, we want to give you more opportunities to experience First Class service on our trains. We’ve teamed up with Seatfrog and you can get a First Class upgrade from as little as £13 using their app.

Find out more about First Class upgrades with Seafrog

Total seats per day by route

Route Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
Class First Standard First Standard First Standard
London 13,123 42,231 11,479 38,166 6,710 21,847
Liverpool to Norwich 0 9,486 0 8,946 0 6,732
Local 0 35,342 0 36,833 0 17,356