Our guide to a socially distanced London trip for couples

Friday, 5 March 2021

With the novelty of attending work meetings in your pyjamas thoroughly wearing off and more venues opening back up across the country, we’re pleased to be able to safely transport you back to the Big Smoke for some much-needed fun!

We know that for many of you, a romantic weekend in the capital is towards the top of the list of priorities now we’re out of lockdown. But with many destinations still not open and a variety of different safety messages, it’s not quite as simple as just heading out for an impromptu visit anymore. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top London locations that not only make a great weekend but do so in a safe manner.

Things to think about before you go

Planning is key

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about taking a trip post-lockdown, it’s that planning is crucial. While we all love a bit of spontaneity in our lives, perhaps leave the ‘we’ll see when we get there’ idea for another time. With the majority of places requiring advanced bookings to be made, it’s worth having a look before your trip at what you fancy getting up to, to save disappointment when you arrive.

With local lockdowns cropping up across the country and varying restrictions being imposed, things have become a bit more complex than the days of the clear ‘Stay at Home’ message. To get your trip going without a hitch, it’s always worth checking the latest government advice relating to your area and where you’re heading before you get booking.

Mask up

Stand-out prints, the popular black or the classic blue one. The choice is yours, but make sure you have a face mask at the ready for your trip, as you’ll be required to wear one on your journey with us, as well as in certain locations throughout London, unless exempt.

What we’re doing to help

It’s probably been a while since you set off for a visit to the Capital, so we’re sure you’re buzzing to get going. We want that excitement to stay with you throughout your whole trip, so to take any worry out of your journey, we’ve installed hand sanitisers at our busiest stations, implemented social distancing measures throughout our station and trains as well as increased our cleaning routine throughout our trains, stations and depots. And if you still have concerns, our EMR colleagues are always on hand to help and will be equipped to deal with any issues.

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Sky Garden

The sky really is the limit in London’s worst kept secret. You may recognise this urban jungle from an Instagram snap or two, but it’s easy to see why this hidden oasis has thousands of visitors flocking here over and over again.

Located in the heart of the Financial District at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, Sky Garden boasts panoramic views of London’s impressive skyline to rival those of the Shard, with equally stunning landscaped, tropical gardens to wander amongst. There’s also a restaurant and bar if you fancy some food with a view. And the cherry on the top? Entry is completely free! Just make sure you book before you arrive.

Top Tip: head here at dusk to see the mother of all sunsets!

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London Zoo

Animal lover? Then how about the world’s oldest scientific zoo. ZSL London Zoo is back open with a roar. Remind yourself of the world beyond the British Isles and experience a close encounter with Africa’s Big Five, Penguins of South America or the creatures from Asia’s jungles - right here in the heart of the city.

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Picnic in the Park

A sunny day in London is a beautiful thing, and what better way to make the most of it than in one of the city’s world-famous parks for a picnic? Regent’s, Hyde, or St James. You’re sure to find your perfect spot to rest your feet and munch on a scotch egg or two.

Once you’ve finished, take a stroll through the manicured parklands to walk off your lunch before heading back into the bustling streets.

Bottomless Outdoor Comedy

It’s been a strange year, so we could all do with a laugh to lighten our spirits. Bottomless Outdoor Comedy has got you covered. With the finest comedians from TV and on the circuit doing live stand-up performances, they’ll have you laughing all the way home. Head here after a day of activities for a memorable ending before you catch the train back. What’s better? As the name suggests, it’s bottomless. So the drinks will be in full flow and the laughs even louder. If you get peckish, they’ll be serving some seriously good street food to get stuck into. Perfect evening? We think so too.

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Oval Night Market

For a (slightly) more chilled-out evening activity, why not head to the Oval Night Market.

This nocturnal bazaar in Bethnal Green is every boho-loving, avant-garde adorer’s dream. Bustling with a whole host of makers showcasing everything from street art, to ethical beauty. We’re pretty sure you won’t walk away empty-handed. And we’ve not even mentioned the food yet… there’s street food, and then there’s Oval’s street food. Heaven!

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London may have changed a bit since you last visited, but we hope we’ve helped you to see there’s still as much fun and excitement to be had as before, and something to suit everyone.

All planned and ready to head on down? Perfect. Click below to grab your tickets and we’ll see you very soon.

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