Coronavirus travel information

Staying safe while travelling

The safety or our customers and colleagues is our biggest priority. Rest assured we’re continuing to do everything we can to make your journey as safe as possible and help you to travel with confidence.

You can play your part by following these simple rules and advice:

1) Please don’t travel if you have any Coronavirus symptoms or are generally feeling unwell.

2) Plan your journey if possible. You can check for quieter trains by using our Seat Finder Tool .

3) To limit your interaction with others you should consider buying your ticket online or on the East Midlands Railway App. Consider choosing 'e-ticket' as your delivery option to use your phone or printed PDF as your ticket. You can then pass through the station without having to queue to collect or buy your ticket. Find out more about e-tickets and the EMR app here.

4) Remember to wash your hands regularly. Many of our stations and all of our trains have toilets on board with hot water and soap. If you find a toilet without soap, please inform a member of staff immediately.

We are continuing our enhanced cleaning regimes in our stations, on our trains and across our depots. We are particularly targeting those areas which are regularly used by customers and staff, such as gate lines, ticket vending machines and doors.

We are also continuing to employ more cleaners than ever before, using powerful disinfectant products and purchasing new specialist fogging cleaning equipment.

If you see anything which isn't as clean as it should be, please do not hesitate to tell a member of staff immediately. We continue to use different working practices to help our staff keep their distance from each other. All our trains and many other stations have toilets with soap and hot water for customers to wash their hands. If you find soap is not provided, please let a member of staff know immediately.


We will continue to keep the allocation of our train fleet under constant review and ensure we are providing as many seats as we possibly can and prioritising those services and routes which we know are the most popular.

In addition, we're continuously analysing customer travel patterns and how busy our trains are and use this information to keep our Seat Finder Tool updated. You can use the tool to quickly check how busy your train is likely to be based on recent averages.

Use our seat finder tool

We’ve enhanced our cleaning regimes, both overnight and at regular intervals during the day, paying special attention to ‘high contact areas’ such as handrails and door open buttons. You will also continue to see cleaners on trains while they are in passenger service.

Our complimentary offer will be available to First Class ticket holders Monday to Saturday. You will receive a choice of a hot breakfast roll on our morning services along with individually wrapped snacks including chocolate-filled croissants, breakfast bars and biscuits. For the rest of the day, there will be a choice of a sandwich or wrap, cakes, pretzels and crisps, along with a selection of hot drinks, waters and fresh orange and apple juice.

Our trolley service is card only payments. Most of the station outlets are now open, offering a wide selection of food and drinks so refreshments can be purchased before boarding the train.

Much like on board the train, we’ve enhanced our cleaning regimes both overnight and during the day, paying special attention to ‘high contact areas’ such as ticket machines and handrails.

Our team continue to be on hand at our staffed stations should you need any assistance and at the other end of the help point at our un-staffed locations. If you need help or information whilst travelling, we're here for you 24/7 on Twitter , Facebook and over the phone 03457 125678

You can check what facilities are usually available at your station here.

Booking Assistance
If you need assistance to make your journey we ask that you book assistance in advance to allow us to make sure we have everything in place ready to safely assist you to make your journey. You can book assistance up to 2 hours before travel. We recommend booking in advance if you can, but you are not able to, we will always be there on the day to help you.

To book assistance please contact us on 08000 11 33 23 (8am - 7pm, 7 days a week) or book online here.