Rail Safety

The safety of people on and around the railway is a priority for EMR. We want our customers and communities to feel safe.

EMR work collaboratively with Network Rail and Rail Safe Friendly, who both offer educational programmes to young people. We also work closely with our Community Rail Partners to deliver ‘Try the Train’ programmes which include Rail Safety assemblies, trips on the train and creating artwork for our stations.

To find out more about our Rail Safety initiatives and how we can support your organisation, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this webpage. You can also explore the links below, where you will find resources and case studies from EMR and our partners at Rail Safe Friendly, Network Rail and Community Rail.

Rail safety case studies

Try the train with Burton Joyce Primary School

Our Community Ambassador and the local Station Adopters ran a 6-week project at the primary school in Burton Joyce after Network Rail identified a crossing being misused in the area. The project included a Rail Safety assembly for all Key Stage 2 children, a trip on the train to learn how to use a train safely and know how to ask for help and culminated in the pupils creating a piece of artwork.

The project incorporated several areas of the curriculum including Geography, Art, History and PE. The artwork created was then placed at the station in Burton Joyce, which gave the pupils a great sense of pride within their community.

Rail Safety with John Whitgift Academy

Our Community Ambassador alongside our Community Rail Partners and Network Rail delivered a Rail Safety assembly to over 800 pupils at John Whitgift Academy. Antisocial behaviour had been reported locally and we took the opportunity to address this with the students and explain the importance of staying safe in and around the Railway. To reinforce this message, a train guard came along to the assembly to share her experiences and the impact it causes to our staff.

Rail Safe Friendly and Network Rail logos

Contact us about Rail Safety initiatives

To find out more about our Rail Safety initiatives please fill in the contact form below with your initial request and one of our team will be in touch.