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Save money on regular travel with Season Tickets

Season tickets are a great option for frequent travellers if you’re making the same journey at least three or four times a week. Valid on all of our train routes, they can be used on any day within the ticket’s validity period.

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The different types of season tickets

We've tried to provide as many different options as we can to make things as flexible as possible for our passengers. Our shortest season ticket option is weekly after that you can buy a ticket for any period from one month to a year. The longer the duration of your ticket the more you’ll save compared to buying daily tickets. We've broken down the more popular options below.

Flexi Season Tickets

A Flexi Season ticket allows eight days of travel in 28 days – any time between two stations, offering flexibility and savings when working fewer days in the office.

We know that for many, spending 5 days a week in the office is a thing of the past. Flexi Season ticket is designed to match modern working habits and provides passengers with greater savings on travel.

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Weekly Rail Tickets

Our weekly season tickets are valid for seven days and are ideal for travellers who have to travel frequently over a short period of time but perhaps not regularly over the course of a year or month and are looking to save money against the cost of several singles or return tickets.

Monthly Rail Tickets

Monthly train tickets are our most popular option. They offer regular travellers an affordable ticket option, with considerable savings for commuters. With a lot of people being paid monthly, monthly tickets are particularly popular amongst our professional commuter customers.

Annual (Yearly) Rail Tickets

Our Annual Season tickets are our best value for money option and could help you save when compared with monthly train prices. Our annual train tickets are popular with passengers who frequently complete the same journey all year round such as commuters.

Why book through EMR?

No booking fee.

Unlike other websites, when you book your tickets online through EMR you don't have to pay any additional booking fees or costs. Helping you to save even more money on your EMR season tickets.

Book tickets across the entire rail network.

When you book through EMR, you can book across the entire UK rail network and aren't limited to just buying tickets for the routes we manage. Meaning if you have to travel between different regions, 3 managed by different train operating companies, you can order your tickets in one place and don't have to visit several different websites.

Unlimited Travel

When you book a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket through the EMR website or one of our ticket offices, you're entitled to unlimited travel between origin and your destination station for the duration of the period, without restrictions.

Choose from First Class or Standard Class Season tickets. As well as the usual benefits of First Class, such as more space and comfy reclining seats, some First Class weekday services offer a complimentary breakfast. Please note, not all routes offer a First Class service.

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You can load your Season ticket onto your Smartcard instantly when purchasing tickets at the ticket machine. Buying online or using the app? Simply wait two hours before uploading your purchase.​

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You can buy weekly and monthly season tickets directly in the EMR app with s-tickets. These tickets are available to use instantly after purchase.

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If you travel to London frequently and want to make your arrival in the capital a little easier, just choose the “London Zones 1-6” option when buying your Season ticket.

Expecting? If your Standard Class Season ticket is valid for one month or more, you can apply for a free Mums to Be pass. The pass will allow you a seat in First Class if there are none left in Standard Class, subject to availability.​

To apply for your pass, contact our Customer Service team with a copy of your MATB1 form.

To learn more, read the full National Rail terms and conditions for Season tickets

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