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Travel with confidence knowing that you can amend the date and time of Advanced tickets fee free up until 6pm the day before you travel until 30 September 2022.

Your original origin and destination stations must remain the same, but you are permitted to change the date and time of travel to a time that suits you better.

Not sure when you can rearrange your travel yet? No problem! Advance tickets can be surrendered back to us in exchange for a Rail Travel Voucher to use when purchasing a future ticket. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and Advance tickets purchased online can even be exchanged for a rail travel voucher.

Fee free changes also apply to Off-Peak and Anytime tickets, up to the date of departure, but please remember that you will still be required to pay any fare difference if your amended journey is more expensive.

Requests must be made by 18:00 the day before travel. Changes to Advance tickets after this time will be subject to normal Advance terms & conditions regarding change of journey; changes are permitted up to the departure of the first booked service, but normal fees will apply, and any changes made to Advance tickets after the first booked service has departed are invalid.

Refund policies are unaffected by this change. This change permits Advance tickets to be exchanged for a different journey or voucher.

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Anytime, Off-Peak & Super Off-Peak Ticket Holders

Customers holding non-Advance tickets are already permitted to change their ticket to travel at another time without paying a fee.