26-30 Railcard

Save money when you travel by train

Enjoy train travel for less with the 26-30 Railcard. Save a third on rail travel across Britain – ideal whether you already catch the train a lot, or would like to start leaving the car at home more often. ​

Is this the railcard for me? ​

You're eligible if you're aged from 26 to 30. Plus you can buy a 26-30 Railcard any time before your 31st birthday and keep using it for a year.​

When can I use it?​

You’ll have access to cheaper fares on most off-peak, standard class journeys and Advance tickets. You can’t get a discount on Season tickets. There may be some restrictions on peak services.​

How do I use it?​

Digital only

The 26-30 Railcard is the first digital-only railcard. Buy online and download it to the Railcard app on your smartphone, then start travelling (and saving) straight away. ​

Buying tickets online

Select the 26-30 Railcard option from the railcards dropdown.​

Using the ticket machine

Once you’ve chosen your route, select the 26-30 Railcard button.​

In the ticket office

Show your 26-30 Railcard when buying your ticket.​

On the train

You must keep your railcard on you when you travel, so you can present it during your trip. If you forget, you will need to buy a new ticket. If your phone runs out of battery or gets lost, you can swap your railcard onto another mobile device.​

How much does it cost?​

It’s £30 for a one-year railcard.​

How do I get one?​

You can only buy a 26-30 Railcard online. It's not available from the station.

Buy your 26-30 Railcard