PlusBus train tickets

Door to door travel made easy

PlusBus is a bus pass bought as an add-on to your train ticket. Available in 32 towns across our network, you can hop-on and off buses and trams in your chosen PlusBus destination as much as you like all day. Buy it with your train tickets and book your entire journey in one simple transaction.

PlusBus tickets – the rules:​

  • Prices vary from around £2 to £4 a day, depending on the size of the town or city
  • Child tickets (for passengers aged 5-15) cost half the amount of an adult ticket
  • Unlimited bus travel is available on all participating bus operators’ services
  • You can buy PlusBus tickets for the start, finish or both ends of your train journey
  • Travel as much as you like in the PlusBus zone around your chosen station​
  • Buy PlusBus with any of the following train tickets:​ single, day return, period return or Season ticket
  • PlusBus Season tickets are available as weekly, monthly, three-monthly or annual tickets

Buy PlusBus tickets

How to buy PlusBus tickets

You can only buy PlusBus tickets with your train tickets.​

Buy PlusBus day tickets:​

  • Buy PlusBus tickets online
    (You’ll be offered PlusBus automatically if it’s available at the stations you’re travelling between - just tick the box to add it to your train ticket)
  • From the ticket office at staffed stations
  • From our self-service ticket machines​

Buy PlusBus Season tickets from any station ticket office.​


Save a third on PlusBus day tickets with railcards . Railcard time restrictions apply, but railcard minimum fares don’t apply to PlusBus. You can’t get railcard discounts on PlusBus Season tickets.

If you use a railcard to buy your ticket, remember to take it along with you when you travel. If you forget, you will be asked to buy a new, full-price ticket. You’ll be able to claim any additional costs back the first time this happens.

Further details

Plus Bus leaflet - September 2019

Find more information, check participating bus operators and zone maps showing where you can travel on the PlusBus website

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