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Find less busy trains on your route to help maintain social distancing

Select two stations and a time to see a heatmap showing how crowded the trains are.

We have currently suspended our allocated seat reservations and are using a counted place system. This will allow you to take a seat away from other customers. Please try to use a window seat rather than the aisles, and leave table seats for families and groups travelling together.

Our timetable and use of our train fleet are under constant review to try to provide enough capacity for everyone to travel while maintaining social distancing. However, we have a limited number of trains, staff and track access and therefore it's not possible to guarantee that all passengers who wish to travel can socially distance on board. For this reason, it is vital that you wear your mandated face covering when using public transport.

If you feel your train is too busy to board you may consider using an alternative service. Don't worry, your original ticket will still be accepted.

*All information based upon analysis of travel patterns, Monday to Friday during the Coronavirus pandemic and to allow customers to maintain distance from one and another on board.