Travelling During Hot Weather

How does hot weather affect the Railway?

When the summer arrives and temperatures soar, journeys by rail can sometimes be affected. Railways are particularly susceptible to changes in temperature, with hot weather able to cause rails to expand, bend or buckle.

Network Rail monitor track temperatures to understand when rails may be at risk of damage which could directly impact the trains. In addition, Network Rail sends out engineers ahead of the summer to check track condition and carry out any proactive work to minimise disruption.

What are we doing about this?

EMR work closely with Network Rail to ensure the railway runs safely. You can find out more about the work Network Rail do here.

How can I travel comfortably in the hot weather?

For some of us, hot weather is a dream come true, for others, it’s a hot mess. We want you to be comfortable when travelling on our services and that’s why most of our trains have air conditioning.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus we are currently not selling refreshments onboard some of our trains. Please carry a bottle of water with you when you travel.

Whilst we understand it may be uncomfortable during hot weather, it is currently mandated to wear a face covering whilst using public transport in England. Read more about face coverings and exemptions here.

Here are our top tips for beating the heat:

  1. Keep hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you and drink little and often. If you’ve got a refillable bottle, keep it topped up as you travel. Why not download the Refill App here to discover all the places you can refill your water bottle free of charge.

  2. Wear loose, lightweight fabrics; try to keep to natural fibres that won’t make you feel even warmer.

  3. Try to keep in the shade where possible; if you do have to go out in to the sunlight, remember to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

  4. Avoid alcohol consumption – this can lead to further dehydration and make you feel more unwell.

  5. If you start to feel ill; tell a member of our team. We’ll do what we can to help you.