Flexi Season - Flexible Season Tickets

Fewer days in the office? Flexi Season may just be the ticket.

Times are changing and so are commuter habits. We have realised the need for a more flexible product that allows you to save money on single/return tickets whilst providing more flexibility than a standard Season Ticket.

Our Flexi Season option is a flexible train ticket that lets you make 10 journeys on the same route within one month or 20 journeys on the same route in 3 months. Travel anytime with complete flexibility and save money compared to buying single or return tickets. Great if you travel regularly on the same route but require more flexibility than a Season Ticket.

Key benefits of Flexi Season

  • Available on selected routes to/from Derby, Leicester and Nottingham
  • Use the Flexi Season any day, Monday to Sunday
  • Travel anytime with Flexi Season Anytime, or save even more with the Flexi Season Off-Peak and travel on quieter trains
  • No need to buy a ticket every time you travel
  • Load your ticket to a Smartcard

Flexi Season options

Flexi Seasons are available as:

  • Flexi Season Anytime 10
    10 journeys available for any time, any day travel on a selected route and valid for 1 month
  • Flexi Season Anytime 20
    20 journeys available for any time, any day travel on a selected route and valid for 3 months
  • Flexi Season Off-Peak 10
    10 journeys on off-peak services for a selected route and valid for 1 month
  • Flexi Season Off-Peak 20
    20 journeys on off-peak services for a selected route and valid for 3 months

Exclusive to Smartcard

Flexi Season tickets are only available on Smartcard. Find out more.

Flexi Season journeys are stored securely on your card, and if you lose your Smartcard, we’ll send you a free replacement with any unused journeys already loaded onto it.

Travelling with Flexi Season on Smartcard is simple – just tap in and out at the start and end of your journey, and used tickets are automatically removed from your card.

Applying for Smartcard is quick and easy – it only takes a few minutes and you’ll have your free Smartcard in five working days. Sign up here. Then you’re ready to buy and load your Flexi Season.

Order your Smartcard

What you need to know

  • You need to tap in and tap out every journey
  • You can’t make changes to or get a refund for this ticket
  • You can’t use a Railcard or get child discounts

Available Routes

Flexi Season tickets are currently available on selected routes from Nottingham, Leicester and Derby

Buy in advance or on the day of travel

A Flexi Season normally starts on the date you select when you buy your ticket. But it can start on a future date if you prefer.

Same journey travel

Flexi Season lets you travel in either direction on a route of your choice. You cannot join or depart at intermediate stations unless your route involves a change of train at that point.

Loading Flexi Season tickets to your Smartcard

Adding Flexi Season tickets to your Smartcard is easy, whether you’re planning ahead or buying on the go. If you’re buying from the booking office or ticket vending machine, your Flexi Season will be loaded instantly to your card. If you’re buying online via our website or app, then you’ll need to allow two hours before loading your ticket at the station.

Find out more about how Smartcard works here. Checking how many journeys you have left Check how many Flexi journeys are left on your Smartcard in My Account on the EMR website.

  1. Log in to your EMR account to access your dashboard
  2. Click the 'view details' button next to your Smartcard number
  3. Scroll down to view information about the tickets left on this card
  4. Your account is updated every few hours so may not always show the most recent journey.

Tapping in and out

You need to tap in and tap out at a ticket gate or platform validator at the start and end of every journey. This activates a single Flexi Season ticket.

If you haven’t activated a Flexi Season journey before you board, our staff will ask you to buy a valid alternative ticket for your journey, which you’ll need to use to exit the station at the end of your journey.

Tapping in and out each time you travel also means you won't lose any journeys you shouldn't, and that you travel seamlessly through gates.

Changes and refunds

Tickets aren’t transferable and you won’t get a refund for a 10-journey or 20-journey ticket if you don’t use all your journeys before your ticket expires.

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