EMR staff volunteer with NHS to help the communities they serve

Monday, 4 May 2020

Banner showing the EMR and NHS logos, connected by a heart symbol.
  • EMR releases employees to volunteer across NHS and wider care system
  • Wide range of skills and expertise from EMR staff
  • Volunteers fall into two categories: specialist and casual

To help support the NHS and wider care system during the Covid-19 pandemic, EMR will be releasing employees to volunteer to help.

This will make use of the wide range of skills and expertise that EMR employees have, and contribute to the national effort.

Volunteers will fall into two categories - specialist volunteers and casual volunteers.

Specialist volunteers:

These are individuals who are fully-qualified or previously qualified as a healthcare professional or former police personnel. This is not an exhaustive list, and employees are encouraged to make themselves known if you have a key-worker qualification in any area and wish to offer your support

Casual volunteers:

EMR will support up to four weeks of volunteering to any employees who wish to support the national effort as an emergency volunteer
Staff are able to specify the geographic location and the types of roles they would like to volunteer for. They will then be matched with suitable opportunities by Joined Up Careers, a recruitment agency embedded within the NHS to supply staff to NHS trusts, care homes and council-run facilities during the pandemic

Kirsty Derry, HR Director for EMR said: “Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Team EMR has worked tirelessly to keep services running and make our environments safe for passengers and colleagues. Many of our colleagues have also found other ways to help, some have been Special Constables for the police service, delivered food to vulnerable people in their area and volunteered their time in support of a range of charities. We want to ensure all of our colleagues can use their broad range of skills in the best way possible and therefore we are pleased to introduce a formal way people can volunteer other parts of the country who need it the most.”