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It’s our vision to drive the East Midlands towards a brighter future by connecting cities, supporting communities and creating easier journeys for all our passengers. Moving forward, there’s a lot of work to do – and we have big plans.

To keep you informed on our targets, investments and improvements we’re making to our services, we publish a twice-yearly report. Download our latest Customer Report for the full picture.

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As part of our commitment to developing our partnerships with stakeholders, we contacted 143 key stakeholders in Spring 2023 to conduct a Stakeholder Research Survey.

The research involved a short questionnaire about what, in stakeholders' opinion, EMR are doing well and where EMR can improve, in the way we work with our stakeholders.

The stakeholders' feedback will help shape how we develop our stakeholder relationships in the future, as we continually seek to improve our service in every respect.

As well as the many verbatim comments received, we also received quantitative data on the below questions.

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend the East Midlands Railway team to work with to your colleagues and associates? 8/10

Average score of all responses received.

How Engaged do you feel by East Midlands Railway? 94%

We counted marks to this score as any response of ‘engaged’ and over.

The following is a list of descriptions that most train operators would like to be associated with. Which, if any, do you think apply to East Midlands Railway?

Please use a scale of 1-10, where 1 = does not apply to East Midlands Railway at all and 10 = applies strongly to East Midlands Railway

A reputable organisation I can trust 8/10
Builds strong stakeholder relationships 9/10
Transparent, honest and open 8/10
Provides a good variety of useful information to stakeholders 9/10
Those responsible for building stakeholder relationships are personable and easy to deal with 9/10

Results are used to support EMR's ongoing development and we thank all stakeholders who took part in this survey.

EMR conducts ‘Trust Surveys’ of customers and Stakeholders which measures the customer and Stakeholders level of trust in the delivery of the Franchise Services and their perception of the improvements to the customer services engagement initiatives that have been introduced by EMR.

Number of Respondents: 513 Yes No Not sure
Do you trust EMR to be a good and efficient operator? 89% 5% 6%
Do you trust EMR to conduct their business in a fair and ethical manner? 88% 6% 7%
Do you trust EMR to put customers at the heart of their decision making? 90% 5% 5%
Does EMR act in the best interests of their customers? 87% 10% 3%
Do you feel safe travelling with EMR? 85% 5% 10%

Train operating companies (TOCs) are required to provide ORR with performance data in relation to their passenger-facing activities. This data provides a way for these companies to demonstrate they are complying with their obligations to passengers in relation to complaints handling procedures (CHPs), Disabled people's protection policies (DPPPs), and other consumer-related areas. It also allows ORR to monitor operators' progress in these areas over time and improves transparency and accountability for passengers.

Download ORR Core Data Compliance Report 2023-24

East Midlands Railway publish a report covering the Service Quality Standards detailed in the Rail Passenger Rights & Obligations (PRO) Regulation . The first Service Quality Report covers reporting year 2020-2021 and can be accessed below.

EMR Service Quality Report 2023-2024