EMR make claiming a delay refund quicker and easier

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

  • Account feature makes it quicker and easier to get a refund
  • Season ticket holders no longer need to input ticket details
  • Preferred compensation method now saved

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has introduced a new account function to its website which helps delayed customers apply for a refund with only a few clicks.

EMR’s Delay Repay function enables customers to get a refund if their journey is delayed for 15 minutes or more. Now it is even easier to claim after the company introduced the option for customers to create their own bespoke account. Choosing to set up an account means that personal details will always be prefilled and season ticket holders can save their ticket details and skip having to add a new journey each time they are making a claim.

The account function also enables customers to save their preferred compensation method and their Delay Repay claims will now all be saved in one place for easier reference.

Compensation can be paid by BACS, credit or debit card, Amazon vouchers or PayPal. Alternatively, customer can opt to donate their compensation to Samaritans. Customers must send EMR their claim within 28 days of the delay.

Neil Grabham, Customer Services Director for East Midlands Railway, said: “When our services are delayed, we want to make sure our customers can be refunded in an easy and convenient way – as quickly as possible.

“This new account function will enable just that, helping customers to process their details in a few clicks and cut out unnecessary admin.”


Sarah travels from Nottingham to London and holds a season ticket. She has been delayed by 15 minutes and can claim compensation. By setting up a Delay Repay Account with EMR she can claim easily as all her season ticket details are saved including her preference on how compensation should be paid. Rather than fill in all details for each claim made, she simply needs to update details of the delayed journey. She can also view the status of other claims, as they are all kept in one place.

Tony travels from Nottingham to Worksop to visit friends with an advanced ticket. He has been delayed by 20 minutes and can claim compensation. By setting up a Delay Repay Account with EMR he can claim easily. He needs to fill in his account and all his preferences, including how he wants to be compensated. The details will be saved for the next time he travels and needs to claim compensation.

More details can be found on the EMR website at https://www.eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk/help-manage/manage/make-a-delay-r…