Community Fund: EMR help school children learn about climate change

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

  • EMR funded trip provides children a chance to learn about climate change
  • Trip organised by community group Buzzing Roots
  • First project to be funded by EMR's new Community Fund

East Midlands Railway's (EMR) has helped a group of school children travel to a special exhibition that teaches visitors about environmental responsibility.

The children, from Queensmead Primary Academy in Leicester, enjoyed the trip to the Science Museum in London thanks to Buzzing Roots - a community interest group which connects communities by delivering arts and nature-based projects.

EMR helped to fund the trip through its new Community Fund. The fund aims to support communities and organisations along the routes it serves. It is designed to inspire projects and make a difference to those that need it the most.

Many of the children had not travelled on a train before and during the journey they learnt how the railway was an important method of sustainable travel.

As part of the day, the children also became 'Eco-Ambassadors' and were tasked with learning about the climate crisis and environmental responsibility from the Our Future Planet exhibition.

Following the day, the children took the knowledge they learnt to provide a free workshop for their community at Braunstone Park - helping to advance the understanding of how the climate emergency affects their friends and family.

Liga Orlovska from Buzzing Roots said: "These days so many young people are suffering from eco-anxiety, it's important to take action to understand the situation and rise hopes for a better future.

"Thanks to EMR, the children from Brauntone had a wonderful time at London Science Museum where they found out how scientists are tackling climate change.

"The children were inspired by the museum visit and came up with their own ideas of machines that could look after our planet. It was great to see them sharing the findings and ideas with their friends and families back in Leicester."

Liz Latham, Principal at Queensmead Primary Academy, said: "We are incredibly grateful to East Midlands Railway and Buzzing Roots for giving us this amazing opportunity - our day trip to the Science Museum in London made memories that will last a lifetime and supported our pupils' learning about climate change, biodiversity and the environment.

"Most of the pupils had never travelled by train before or been to London so it was a day of 'firsts' - they were very excited about the journey from the arrival at the station to watching the landscape flashing by through the windows. A fantastic experience which will have a lasting impact on our pupils. Thank you for supporting us to make this day possible."

Donna Adams, Community Engagement Manager at East Midlands Railway, said: "The project by Buzzing Roots is exactly the type of scheme the Community Fund was developed to support.

"It is lovely to hear how much fun the children had learning about the environment and the positive impact of the railway."

Community Fund - apply now!

The fund, which is the first of its kind for the railway industry in the East Midlands, is available to community rail partnerships, station adoption groups, charities, community interest companies, schools, youth organisations and sports clubs.

To qualify the group or organisation must operate within 15km of a EMR station and successfully meet the requirements of funding set out by EMR.

For more information about the fund, including how to apply for funding please visit: