EMR supports the communities it serves by collaborating with local food suppliers

Thursday, 1 October 2020

  • Environmentally and socially conscious food choices added to First Class catering offering
  • Part of EMR ongoing commitment to supporting local businesses and communities

East Midlands Railway is supporting local businesses by adding locally produced snacks to their new First Class food offering; provided by independent suppliers in Wellingborough and Sheffield.

Earlier this month, EMR reintroduced a limited at-seat catering service for First Class customers on weekdays. This includes a breakfast offering until 11am and then an all-day service through until the last train of the day. The catering offer is complementary and has been redesigned to strictly limit contact between customers and EMR staff.

EMR’s newly created complimentary bag includes food from local businesses and suppliers; including The Heavenly Bake Company, based in Wellingborough and Yorkshire Crisps who are based in Sheffield.

The contents reflect the character of the regions they serve but also cuts down the carbon footprint of the meal.

The Heavenly Bake Company is based in Wellingborough.

John Kennedy, Commercial Manager at Heavenly Bake Company said: “We at Heavenly Bake Company were hit hard when lockdown arrived and it has been great working with the team at EMR to enable us to bring more of our staff back into the business. We hope the passengers are enjoying their local treats. Thank you once again.”

Yorkshire Crisps are based in Sheffield.

Tim Wheatley of The Yorkshire Crisp Company said: “We think this a really great initiative and we are delighted that Yorkshire Crisps can now be enjoyed by commuters travelling on East Midlands Railway, giving our brand exposure to a wider audience.”

Debbie Atha, Customer Experience Development Manager at East Midlands Railway, said: “We are extremely proud to work with local suppliers along our route to bring high quality foods to our passengers as well as minimising our carbon footprint.

“The hospitality and food industry has been hit particularly hard over the last 6 months and when sourcing new food products, supporting smaller independent companies is always a priority of ours.”

Each complimentary bag contains:

  • AM: 500ml bottle of water, a juice carton, biscuit and breakfast bar – along with antibacterial wipes, a napkin and a wooden stirrer
  • PM: 500ml bottle of water, 40g bag of crisps, biscuit and a large muffin – along with antibacterial wipes, a napkin and a wooden stirrer