East Midlands Railway launches ‘The Platform’, a new online community for customers

Saturday, 19 October 2019

  • ‘The Platform’ gives customers a chance to have their say and shape how EMR is run
  • Forum to share stories to help improve customer experience
  • Updated and monitored in real time to give passengers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback

East Midlands Railway has introduced a new online community to help customers share their experiences and help EMR to better meet customer needs and requirements.

‘The Platform’ is an online tool which helps EMR to speak directly to customers, find out about their experiences and make real improvements quickly and effectively.

Sarah Turner, Head of Customer Experience for EMR said: “We currently have a post travel survey in existence which is very good for giving us statistics on how to improve the experience for our customers, but it doesn’t tell us about our customer’s stories.

“The Platform will be able to tell us how our customers felt about their journeys, and about their overall experience with EMR, we can then act on this and make improvements quickly and effectively.

“In turn, we hope this will help our customers feel more engaged with us and more involved in some of the decisions we make as a business”.

John Resteghini, Research Consultant for Breaking Blue said: “The Platform is a great opportunity to help improve EMR services to meet your needs now and in the future.

“You can do this using a range of online engaging tasks and will have the opportunity to provide in-depth feedback to the East Midlands Railway service team”.

To join ‘The Platform’ and be one of over 7000 customers giving their views and opinions on East Midlands Railway services, please click on the link below:


Managed by Breaking Blue, an independent research company specialising in online surveys.