EMR awarded autism friendly certification

Monday, 7 August 2023

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has been recognised by a national charity for providing an autism-friendly environment.

The prestigious award, bestowed by the National Autistic Society, showcases EMR's commitment to going above and beyond.

EMR has met stringent standards to ensure that it offers a good service to autistic individuals and their families.

So, what did EMR do to earn this accolade?

Enhanced Communication: EMR's staff received training to effectively communicate with autistic individuals.

Accessible Spaces: EMR created spaces that are less overwhelming and more accessible for autistic customers.

Info at Your Fingertips: EMR made sure essential venue information was easily accessible to help autistic individuals plan their visit.

This award is a part of the Autism Friendly Award program by the National Autistic Society, aiming to make the UK more welcoming for autistic people and their families. It's all about small changes that create a massive positive impact.