EMR Regional customers to benefit from Smart Kiosks with real-time information screens

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

  • New real-time information screens fitted at stations as part of Smart Kiosk installation project
  • 14 stations across regional network receive screens
  • Customers able to access real-time arrival and departure times

Regional East Midlands Railway (EMR) customers in Derbyshire, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire will now benefit from real-time information updates following the installation of Smart Kiosks with screens at some stations.

The information screens, which have been installed at 14 stations across EMR's regional network, provide customers updates on train times and journey information - such as expected arrival and departure times.

Their introduction formed part of a project to install 29 Smart Kiosks across EMR's regional network. The information screen version of the kiosks were designed to fill a gap at stations that lacked any other real-time customer information.

Smart Kiosks allow customers to buy advance and walk-up tickets as a printed barcode, instead of the old-fashioned orange paper tickets.

The self-serve machines can issue traditional walk-up fares to customers whilst offering a full range of national Railcard and local discounts.

The new kiosks will also allow the sale of Advance Purchase fares for those customers who are not travelling immediately and are happy to travel with a little less flexibility.

The machines are built to utilise Smart Ticketing functionality too - allowing customers to purchase a Smartcard and collect them from the machine.